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Payment plans are available. 

Your payments will be split into affordable payments paid weekly or fortnightly.

and spread over 4-6 payments.

Your items will be shipped to you once your payment plan is paid in full. 

You won't be able to add to this order like an open box.

A minimum spend of $100 for payment plans.

You will be asked to sign a payment plan agreement and there will be late fees if payments are missed or late, and you have not notified us.

If you don't continue to make payments on the dates agreed to in the agreement, your order will be canceled and a termination fee of $15 will be taken out of your payments already made and the balance refunded to you.

If the termination fee isn't covered by a payment already made and it's not paid, you will be reported to a non-payer's page and blocked and unable to purchase from us again.

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